That Time Trump Scared The Children And An Easter Bunny Mirrored All Of America

Image result for white house bunny 2018 with trump

Today, in a very bizarre speech before invited guests and media, Trump opened the FLOTUS’ annual White House Easter Egg Roll event by – once again – going rogue with his thoughts. Snarky commentary served up by yours truly… the effect of not having had coffee yet, and it being too early in the morning for my first day of spring break. Bonus: that White House Easter Bunny was a mirror, reflecting back the majority of Americans over the past 1 year, 72 days, 5 hours, 37 minutes, and  34 seconds…

7 thoughts on “That Time Trump Scared The Children And An Easter Bunny Mirrored All Of America

  1. Nancy Swisher says:

    OMG! You can’t make this s**t up! That Easter Bunny’s expression is priceless. S/he is horrified, embarrassed. Very telling, too, are Melania’s expressions and body language. Poor children! So different from President Obama’s event ( Thanks for sharing, though it was painful to watch.

    Martie, how in the world were you able to insert your comments into the video? Some time – maybe this summer when we both have some time off – you can show me how to do it. This technique would be quite useful for my teaching.

    As always, thanks for your brilliant observations and posts.


  2. jonnybehr says:

    1) Reelection campaign speech reworked for any occasion.
    2) Dude needs glasses, the squinting and floundering on tangents is a stall tactic while he tries to bring the prompter into focus.
    3) where’d they get that bunny suit?
    4) I notice Melania is usually in a trench coat.


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