Gender from the Trenches, or GftT for short (prounced “gift”) is a new publication on Medium

Sharing our stories is important.

Especially in the trans community. In a cisgender, heteronormative society where most people’s only experience with the trans community is in the realm of reality TV or from the very limited perspective of trans celebrities, it’s time to change the narrative. Not enough voices from the trans community are amplified. People need to know that trans people exist beyond the big screen – they’re also our neighbors, teachers, physicians, coaches, friends, and family members.

When one person is brave enough to live authentically and give voice to their journey, it’s like a ripple effect; others will also find the bravery to share, and even more community will be built.

Some trans adults will be newly inspired to come out, shedding their old skin of shame, guilt, and hiding in the closet. Some parents of trans youth will feel compelled to come out of denial, deciding that today is the day they start loving their child unconditionally. And maybe, just maybe, a few tortured souls will decide to stay around one more day – because with just one story, there exists the power to literally save lives.

People need to know they aren’t alone. Especially in today’s highly polarizing social and political climate of uncertainty, where at any given moment, the rights of marginalized folks could be next on the chopping block.

It’s important that our stories are heard now, and it’s important that our stories are preserved for future generations to come.

Gender from the Trenches is a new publication featuring a collection of non-fiction stories, essays, and poetry on Medium, founded by writer, parent, and trans advocate, Martie Sirois. For short, Gender from the Trenches is called “GftT” (pronounced like “gift”), because, as parents of trans youth know, these individuals gift us with many unexpected blessings.

Our mission is simple. We seek to amplify voices from the trans community.

From the unique perspectives of both trans adults and parents raising trans kids, GftT aims to inform, enlighten, and inspire. Through authentic storytelling, we are committed to amplifying transgender voices to help connect, foster empathy, and spark dialogue. Will your story be next?




Martie Sirois