Fun Times With No Power During #HurricaneFlorence

This post is merely composed of the random ways I’ve managed to be both totally non-productive and happily occupied during the largest Hurricane in NC history.

First, I had way too much fun making this little video, “Expectation Vs. Reality.” President Obama came out of winter hibernation finally to deliver a truly presidential speech, wherein he called out Donald Trump by name, and listed all the abnormal ways he’s defiling and disrespecting the office of the presidency right now. Then, I had the misfortune of catching Trump’s embarrassingly awful speech for the Congressional medal of honor ceremony. Such a stark contrast between Trump and… well, literally any President in my lifetime. As he bumbled up to the podium with Hail to the Chief playing, I couldn’t help but hear Julius Fučík’s Entrance of the Gladiators (often referred to as “The Circus Song.”) So I thought, I can make that happen. 😉 


It was hard not to think of Florence Henderson every time a forecast on Hurricane Florence aired. As a child between 1974-87, Brady Bunch re-runs were watched religiously in my house.

Not terrible. We lost power for a little while. We heated our dinner on a Coleman camping stove, and I relaxed with reading material, this super hot Coleman propane lantern, and of course, my trusty battery-operated fan for my heat intolerance.

Also I made a lot of memes.

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