“Just be Yourself, and You’ll be Happy…”

The News & Observer (local newspaper) recently did an interview with us. This was by far the most pleasant, lovely, and touching experience we’ve had with the media. Reporter Madison Iszler and Photo Journalist Jill Knight spent a few hours of a weekday afternoon at our house in late September. The resulting bittersweet 1-minute video is by far the most powerful, most touching, most beautiful piece of work done thus far that helps communicate our story. Watch for yourself.

Charlie’s 1 minute interview (“Gender Creative Charlie”):


Click here for my 4-minute interview about supporting a gender creative son:


Click here for the full story:





2 thoughts on ““Just be Yourself, and You’ll be Happy…”

  1. Clover Nico-Star says:

    I read the article, and also watched the video with Charlie.

    I keep going back in my memories, and keep seeing a ton of myself. I was a lot like that, secretly, as I had to hide it. But those thoughts were there, certainly. Anyway, shared these with a cisgender friend of mine, really my closest friend and biggest supporter. He was telling me he thinks there should be more people in the world like your family. Really, I agree. Just from what I’ve seen on here and in the articles, Charlie comes off as a very bright kid with a bright future thanks to you. I think every kid deserves a parent of your caliber.


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