An Open Letter to Myself in the Past, When I was a First Time Mom

Hey, you!

It’s you – 16 years into the future! That millennial bundle of joy you’re swaddling and protecting with your life right now… well, guess what? He’s driving now! And I’ll let you in on a little secret: he’s actually a better driver than you ever were. I mean, I know these issues aren’t even on your radar yet, but I thought in these muddled days of confusion from sleepless nights, you might enjoy hearing how you’re going to fare over the next few years.

Perhaps I should go back a bit before he hit sixteen, though. I guess the thought of him driving is a bit much now.

So, here goes.

Dear younger, more inexperienced me,

I want you to know that some things in your life are about to change like crazy. But some other things, well… some other things will never change.

Because you’re frazzled and somewhat depressed right now, let’s start with a few of the things that will change: Continue reading