One thought on “Prince

  1. Dan M. Parker says:

    Racism has a lot of variakvns to its existence. Some of it is taught which i wud say is is nt correct. And then you have people who jus becuse they see th differences between two races and nullify the othr for th sheer fact that the othr race is different. The demographics on ths can be broad. Finances,housing,quality of neighborhoods,schools,and jus the general overall acceptance of individuals by Society. I try to give each person of Any Ethniicity th benefit of the doubt til i see their true colours of how they treat those around then. Action speaks louder than words,and quiet direct action withn legal channells louder than that. The kind of racism i grew up in ,in Atlanta,im 59,was th kind that ws conditioned,and surmised by th bad behaviour,and selfishness of whomever may be showing whatevr it was as a bad example. The worst racism ive seen is when ther is a case of ganging up in terms of misguided avengement,mosly physical,and or a race feeling like there should be sum kind of sense of entitlement like im so lazy i need to b a victim and be dependent on othrs to support me cause im owed that and im too gud to get my wittle hands dirty,or overwork them. I once knew an old farmer,who was a Black Man,i am White,and he wud tell you right qu4k tht ther ws no race card. The problem was people of today of any lolour jus didnt know how to work hard enuf’or were willing enuf to keep working dilgently enuf to keep their minds frm deviating to such matters as racism. Hard work knows no racism. These instigatoss that keep stirring up thes race issues i think should be put up on a public forum for their debate wher ther theories cn be deflated and the truth b known to all. Nobodys right if evrybodys wrong. However,some people of all races may need to undrstand that i may nt hate their race,but simply do not care for their cultuie,behaviour,nor attitudes. We all reserve that riit to be a part of or a part from. Its all about mutual respect,and getting along peaceably wthout letting foolish pride geting in the way. Peace


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